“I’m really looking forward to my smear test today!” said no woman ever.

So, I’m 28 and have only just been for my first smear test. I put it off simply because I was embarrassed – how lame is that? But since having Lulla I’m no longer putting important things off and once you’ve been fisted by 5 different nurses in labour, what’s one tiny cotton swab?

Girls, if you’ve been putting it off like I had, book it today and get it over with! Is it embarrassing? Well, yes. The nurse was literally nose to nose with my vagina, and to make it worse I was halfway through trimming my pubes before going (#motherhood) so I was half bald chicken, half Chewbacca down there. Is it a little uncomfortable? Kinda. Does it hurt? Not at all.

Go get your smear on!